Workshop on Shared Curation of the Astronomical Literature

In this 1.5 day workshop (BY INVITATION ONLY), from June 12 – 13, we will explore current curation practices for telescope bibliographies and discuss how the community can work together towards improved workflows. We will look at new digital curation techniques and tools, particularly the Unified Astronomy Thesaurus (UAT), and discuss next steps ahead of the IAU General Assembly.

The AAS will reimburse participants for the extra hotel night, June 11, and has offered to provide food (via Gran Gusto) for the two days.

Christopher Erdmann (Head Librarian, CfA Library), Julie Steffen (Director of Publishing, AAS), Alberto Accomazzi (Program Manager, NASA ADS)

Barbara Kern (Co-Director, Science Libraries Division, University of Chicago Library), Nancy Brickhouse (Senior Science Advisor, CfA), Uta Grothkopf (Head Librarian, ESO Library), Katie Frey (Library Technician, CfA Library), Louise Rubin (Library Technician, CfA Library), Jill Lagerstrom (Chief Librarian, STScI Library), Sarah Weissman (Senior Software Engineer, STScI Library), Jane E. Holmquist (Astrophysics, Mathematics & Physics Librarian, Princeton University Library), Joy Painter (Physics and Astronomy Librarian, Caltech Library), Marsha Bishop (Observatory Librarian, NRAO Library), Kayleigh Bohemier (Science Research Support Librarian, Yale University Library), Dianne Dietrich (Associate Librarian, Mathematics Library, Cornell University Library), Arnold Rots (Archive Astrophysicist, Chandra Science Center), August Muench (Journals Data Scientist,  AAS), Josh Peek (Assistant Astronomer, STScI), Greg Schwarz (Journals Data Scientist, AAS), Graham McCann (Head of Product Management and Innovation, IOP), Michelle Durocher (Head of Metadata Management, Interim Head of Metadata Creation, Harvard University Libraries), Marguerite Avery (Director of Scholarly Communications,, Philip Desenne (Fellow in Instructional Technologies at Center for Hellenic Studies, Harvard University), Janice Sexton (AAS Editorial Operations Manager, AAS), Rob Bernstein (Publisher, IOP), Jeff Lewandowski (Senior Publisher, IOP), Ethan Vishniac (Editor in Chief, AAS), Fred Rasio (Astrophysical Journal Letters Editor, AAS), Donna Thompson (NASA ADS), Scott Wicks (Harvard Library), Gretchen Renee Stahlman (University of Arizona), Bryan Heidorn (University of Arizona), Sarah Forage (IOP)


Draft Agenda
June 12
9:00 – 9:20      Brief Introductions
9:20 – 10:30    Presentations by Uta Grothkopf (Curation Workflows), Jill Lagerstrom (Reporting), Christopher Erdmann & Katie Frey (UAT), Graham McCann (Semantic Demo)
10:30 – 12:00  Break up into two groups (identify facilitators & note takers), given the background presentations, brainstorm solutions to the following questions:

1.) How can the current workflows and methods used to curate bibliographies be improved and shared within the larger community?

2.) How can we advance the current UAT project so that it can be leveraged by various use cases?

12:00 – 12:30   Talk by Alberto Accomazzi on new NASA ADS functionality
12:30 – 1:30     Lunch break
1:30 – 3:00      Groups switch to answer other question
3:00 – 4:00      Groups report back
4:00 – 5:00      Open discussion, all participants respond to the following question:

3.) How can the UAT be used to improve bibliography curation activities and vice versa?

5:00 –              Wrap it all up for the day

June 13
9:00 – 12:00  Revisit brainstorming, summarize, identify goals, action items and address/announce other initiatives

Background Material
ESO telbib: Linking In and Reaching Out
Telescope Bibliometrics 101
Telescope Bibliographies: an Essential Component of Archival Data Management and Operations
The Unified Astronomy Thesaurus

Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
John G. Wolbach Library
Collaborative Space
60 Garden Street
Cambridge, MA 02138
Directions & Parking

Hotels Nearby
A Cambridge House Inn
The Mary Prentiss Inn
Sheraton Commander Hotel