Visual Astronomy Display: October 2015

Visual Astronomy Display for October 2015


  • MinutePhysics explains why we put telescopes in space;
  • Flowing water has been discovered on Mars. Just repeat that to yourself for a minute. Flowing water. Has been discovered. On the planet Mars. Mind. Blown;
  • The Mars hype is real and NASA is sharing Real Martian Moments, as the space agency gears up for future human exploration of the Red Planet;
  • When operators found that the Hubble’s high-gain antenna was mysteriously stuck and the Hubble team solved the antenna problem using Tinkertoys;
  • Unexpectedly, the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory is the world’s best comet finder. Designed to study the solar corona, this instrument also happens to be one of the best way to observe small comets as their orbit brings them close to the Sun;
  • JPL and Stanford University collaborate on a creative rover design for use on asteroids or other microgravity enviroments.

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