Visual Astronomy Display: November 2014

Visual Astronomy Display for November 2014


  • MAVEN reached Mars in September and has begun studying the upper atmosphere of the Red Planet in an attempt to figure out what happened to the atmosphere of Mars;
  • Unexpectedly, the Arctic and Antarctic regions react differently to changing climate conditions. A video from NASA Goddard discusses how, this year, Antarctic sea ice reached a record maximum while the Arctic ice was at an minimum;
  • The spectra of light through a prism ranges from red to dark blue…so where does the purple in a rainbow come from? A video from MinutePhysics explores this question;
  • On October 19, 2014, Comet Siding Spring made a close flyby of Mars, passing at a distance of only 87,000 miles! A video from JPL explains how the Mars orbiters will evade destructive dust particles shed by the comet‘s near miss;
  • The NASA Langley Research Center explores the possibility of floating a blimp through the atmosphere of Venus in their video, HAVOC; and
  • The European Space Agency teams up with Platige Image to create a gorgeous short film called Ambition, which showcases the Rosetta probe’s mission to study comets as a source of water on Earth.

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