Visual Astronomy Display: May 2015

Visual Astronomy Display for May 2015


  • Hubble celebrated its 25th anniversary on April 24th, so this month’s playlist is peppered with videos about the great space telescope;
  • NASA’s Innovative Advanced Concepts program is studying the feasibility of tensegrity robots, rovers designed as a collection of metal rods and cables that can extend or contract as needed, creating a structure that is better able to absorb shocks and protect the payload at the center;
  • You don’t need big telescopes to enjoy the night sky! Phil Plait takes us on a tour of the night sky as seen with your naked eye;
  • What’s the name of the oldest spacecraft still orbiting the Earth? Bruce Betts from the Planetary Society has the answer; and
  • Citizen science and crowd sourcing with the Milky Way project has brought an astronomical curiosity that may hold clues to the mysteries of starbirth to light.

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