Visual Astronomy Display: March 2020

Last week, “human computer” Katharine Johnson passed away. Johnson’s calculations of orbital mechanics were instrumental to the success of NASA’s Apollo missions. One of the first African-American women scientists to work at NASA, Johnson’s time at NASA was fictionalized in the 2016 film Hidden Figures.  This month’s playlist includes videos in her honor.


  • Katherine Johnson reflects on her time at NASA in a 2017 interview;
  • ESA engineer Advenit Makaya breaks down how we can use 3-D printing on the Moon;
  • Speaking of moons, the Earth has a temporary mini-moon the size of a car;
  • Could we communicate with aliens made of antimatter? MinutePhysics explains the barriers to communication at the molecular level;
  • Betelgeuse is going to explode! Just kidding…unless? The Science Channel describes the (hypothetical) end of the red supergiant’s life.
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