Visual Astronomy Display: March 2015

Visual Astronomy Display for March 2015


  • The Solar Dynamics Observatory celebrates its 5th anniversary with a time-lapse video of the sun that captures one frame every 8 hours for nearly 5 years;
  • NASA share’s a video about the wrap up of Curiosity’s “walkabout” exploration of the Pahrump Hills on Mars;
  • Astronaut Col. Chris Hadfield shares what it is like to see Earth from orbit in a video from Veritasium;
  • Ever wondered what the “dark side”of the Moon looks like? NASA share’s a computer generated video based on satellite data from the far side of the Moon;
  • The team at the Hubble Space Telescope shared a video that journeys through the life and times of astronomer Edwin Hubble, whose name graces one of the most significant scientific instruments ever built; and
  • NASA satellite CALIPSO tracks how much dust travels from the Sahara desert in Africa over Atlantic Ocean to settle in the Amazon rainforest of South America.

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