Visual Astronomy Display: June 2014

Visual Astronomy Display for June 2014


  • Jupiter’s Great Red Spot is shrinking? Images show how the largest storm in the solar system has changed over time;
  • A sequence of short videos detailing five different methods for detecting extrasolar planets;
  • Our sun is constantly surprising us. In addition solar flares, this weeks playlist includes a video about a square shaped hole in the sun;
  • Mars orbiters have discovered new craters on the surface of Mars formed after recent impacts;
  • A simulation of Venus Express preforming an atmosphere-skimming maneuver to gather more data about this shrouded planet;
  • A animation of the orbits of all known exoplanets of single stars; and
  • A description of the landmark observations of BICEP2 that provided the first direct evidence of the Big Bang.

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