Visual Astronomy Display: July 2015

Visual Astronomy Display for July 2015


  • Several videos this month highlight New Horizons upcoming close pass of Pluto! Launched in 2009, the New Horizon mission scientists have been waiting for over 9 years for this day to come;
  • As we head into hurricane season, NASA Goddard shares US coastal hurricane data from the last nine years;
  • Destin from SmarterEveryDay explores the details of how the shutters on the International Space Station’s copula work, leading him to speak with the original designer and an astronaut in space;
  • The workings, purpose, and history of telescopes is discussed on PBS’ Astronomy Crash Course series; and
  • Kennedy Space Center shares a video showing off the NASA’s Launch Services Program, which sends probes and satellites into orbit using some of the most advanced rockets in existence.

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