Visual Astronomy Display: December 2014

Visual Astronomy Display for December 2014


  • NASA scientists Holly Gilbert and Alex Young talk about a sunspot larger than any seen in the last 24 years currently found on our star;
  • After ten long years journeying through space, Philae finally touches down onto the surface of a comet!;
  • Coming up in December is the first test launch of Orion, NASA’s newest spacecraft designed to send humans farther into space then ever before;
  • Tis the season for auroras! The northern lights are on display in several videos this month;
  • AsapSCIENCE describes what it would take for people to begin living on the Red Planet; and
  • Launched into space in 1999, the Chandra X-Ray Observatory has helped revolutionize our understanding of the universe through its unrivaled X-ray vision. Join NASA as they celebrate 15 years of amazing X-ray science!!

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