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Wolbach Library and the Glass Plate Collection

A glass plate negative backlit by a white light. The plate has a spray of dark stars and a few large groupings of stars.

We are happy to share that HCO’s Astronomical Photographic Glass Plate Collection is now part of the Wolbach Library! This change was initiated to ensure that all projects associated with the Plates, including ongoing digitization efforts, are able to take full advantage of the resources available through Wolbach’s connections to…

Boyden Observatory through the 60″ Rockefeller Reflector

The 60-inch Rockefeller Reflector is one of the main telescopes at Boyden Observatory, currently located in Bloemfontein, South Africa. It all started when Uriah A. Boyden, a mechanical engineer in Boston, MA, donated $238,000 to Harvard College in 1879 to extend astronomical research. With the newly acquired money, Harvard declared…