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Atlas Obscura article

Harvard Computers features on Atlas Obscura

On April 7th, 2020, the Wolbach Library at the Center for Astrophysics  | Harvard & Smithsonian was featured in an article on the travel website Atlas Obscura. The article, “Even More Ways to Help Librarians and Archivists From Home” by Jessica Leigh Hester, features six different transcription and citizen science projects that people can do …

Librarians in Space!

As an astronomy library, we like to press to the edges of modern librarianship to explore strange new technology, to seek out new services and new innovations, to boldly go where (almost) no library has gone before… space, the final frontier. In order to make this dream a reality, we have collaborated with several local …

CfA News Feed

Here are just a few places to find CfA in the News: AAAS EurekAlert! Smithsonian Science e!Science News Astronomy Picture of the Day CfA in the News Archive starting from October 2010 and ending in January 2012. Recent CfA News Releases

Unified Astronomy Thesaurus

The Unified Astronomy Thesaurus (UAT) is an open, interoperable and community-supported thesaurus of astronomical and astrophysical concepts and their relationships.  It unifies existing divergent and isolated astronomy and astrophysics thesauri into a single high-quality, freely-available open thesaurus formalizing astronomical concepts and their inter-relationships.  We expect that the Unified Astronomy Thesaurus will be further enhanced and …