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Star Notes 1 Month Update

front page of Star Notes on Zooniverse
Star Notes page on Zooniverse

Hi everyone!

Sam and Nico here, from the Wolbach Library. One month ago, we launched our Zooniverse project Star Notes, a crowdsourcing project that continues the work of Project PHaEDRA. Can you believe that it’s already been a month since we launched our project? We are super grateful to everyone who has helped us so far. In just the past month, we’ve had over 1,500 volunteers help us with this project. These volunteers have completed over 62,000 classifications of plate numbers. We have already added more notebook pages, as the original plate data was found so quickly. 

Lots of people are having some great conversations over on our Talk boards. There are many people who have become familiar to us already and are very dedicated to this project. While we try to answer questions whenever possible, it is often the volunteers who know the answers and can help out the other volunteers. Some things that you all have seen in the notebooks and mentioned on the Talk boards: astronomical catalogues, images of the Small Magellanic Cloud, postcards, notes about earthquakes, visitor logs, and of course, data on asteroids, comets, nebulae, and novae. 

We really love seeing the community that is being formed around the notebooks of the Harvard Computers. Everyday, we are impressed with the level of knowledge and research that the volunteers have dedicated to this project. We want to share the legacies of these women with as many individuals as possible. We are glad that the works of Annie Jump Cannon, Henrietta Swan Leavitt, and Williamina Fleming can be viewed and enjoyed by people around the world. 

As always, if you have any questions for us, you can message us or find us over on the Talk boards. Thanks for all of your continued support!

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