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(Re)Introducing ORCiD@CfA

The Wolbach Library has updated our online tool for collecting CfA-affiliated ORCiDs. We are collecting CfA ORCiDs while developing our CfA bibliography in order to build a repository of CfA-affiliated research.

Visit our new tool at orcid.wolba.ch, or browse your colleague’s research using our list of CfA ORCiDs!

What is ORCiD?

ORCiDs are persistent, unique identifiers for researchers which allow them to provide comprehensive work histories to publishers, funders, and employers.

Why use ORCiD?

  • Distinguish yourself from other authors with similar names
  • Consolidate all your works in one place
  • Connect more efficiently with potential collaborators

Our updated tool also includes a guide to ORCiD for administrative workers.


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