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January Star Notes Update

A graph from Virginia McKibben Nail’s notebook titled “[Variables] LMC, SMC, 13.”

Hello everyone,

This is Sydney and Nico, Star Notes researchers. We hope you are all doing well, that you have had safe and wonderful holidays, and Happy New Year! Sydney, who you may have already seen on the Zooniverse Star Notes talk boards, is a new hire as the Assistant Community Coordinator for Star Notes and Project PHaEDRA, and they are very excited to be a part of the team and to work with all of the volunteers out there! 

To begin, we want to thank you so much for all your hard work this year, and we are happy to announce that we have reached the milestone of 10,000 volunteers on the Star Notes Zooniverse Project! That is so exciting, and thank you for being a part of this important work! We are so happy to have so many people interested in this project! 

On December 12th, 2021, Emily A. Margolis of both the National Air and Space Museum and the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory and Samantha Thompson of the National Air and Space Museum jointly published an article in remembrance of Harvard Computer and woman astronomer Henrietta Swan Leavitt, on the 100th anniversary of her death. You can read this wonderful article honoring Leavitt’s life and legacy at this link

Currently, the notebooks we are using for transcription of plate numbers belong to Virginia McKibben Nail and Johanna Mackie. 

If you have some time, we invite you to take our anonymous survey. Your feedback will help us learn more about how we can better connect with you, our volunteers. We want to acknowledge your stories and your experiences, and this survey will help us do that! This survey is completely anonymous and won’t be used by the Zooniverse platform in any way. Thanks in advance! 

We currently plan to hold office hours again in the spring. 

If you’re a volunteer looking to get credit for your work on our project, please fill out this Google Form to receive a volunteer confirmation on Center for Astrophysics letterhead (you will need to sign in to a Google account to submit the form. If you don’t have a Google account, you can send an email to sydney.evans@cfa.harvard.edu). As always, if you have any questions for us, or if there’s anything that we can do to help, you can contact us or find us on the Talk boards. Have a great month and a great start to your year!

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