Introducing ORCID @ CfA!

ORCID® (Open Researcher and Contributor ID) iDs are unique, persistent identifiers for researchers.

Why sign up for an ORCID iD?

This author identification tool is an effort that is being supported by libraries, publishers, and funders to help connect researchers to their works. Some publishers and funders already require ORCID iDs, and many others will soon join them.

Researchers may have the same name as many others; ORCID identifiers are a way to distinguish between names.

Finally, although ORCID is much more than just a profile, it can be a way to easily consolidate works in one place. ORCID integrates with many other tools you may already be using.

The Wolbach Library has revamped its webpages about this resource, and has created a database of ORCID identifiers for researchers at the CfA. If you are a CfA affiliate who doesn’t already have an ORCID iD, you’re encouraged to sign up for one! Visit to get started!

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