• Wolbach

    Wolbach Labs was created by librarians at the Center for Astrophysics as a place to share exciting projects, build web applications, and develop tools for working with bibliographic data. We created wolba.ch as a place to explore these endeavours and serve as a juming off point for our many projects.
  • The Space Library

    The Space Library is an initiatiative led by the staff of Wolbach Library in collaboration with the Libre Space Foundation. Our goal is to help new communities participate in satellite missions, engender public engagement in space science, and to fuel new research by improving access to scientific research artifacts and supporting their reuse. To achieve this our team is developing open metadata standards and enabling public engagement with space technology in public libraries.
  • Project PHaEDRA

    Project PHaEDRA is an initiative by the Wolbach Library, in collaboration with many partners, to catalog, digitize, transcribe, and enrich the metadata of over 2500 logbooks and notebooks produced by the Harvard Computers and early Harvard astronomers. Our goal is to ensure that this remarkable set of items, created by a remarkable group of people, is as accessible and useful as possible.

    The Project PHaEDRA collection represents the groundbreaking work of the Harvard Computers and other early astronomers. These notebooks can now also act as an achor to connect modern science with historical data and these scientists' legacy.

  • Unified Astronomy Thesaurus


    The Unified Astronomy Thesaurus (UAT) is an open and interoperable thesaurus that unifies the divergent and isolated astronomy and astrophysics thesauri into a single high-quality controlled vocabulary formalizing astronomical concepts and their inter-relationships. This is a community supported, open source project from the American Astronomical Society and Wolbach Library.

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